Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 48 - Thoroughly Crazy Start to 2013

Whew!  I didn't intend to take so long returning to the blog.  This Pneumonia thing has been hanging on much longer than expected.  The worst of it was about four days ago and progress has been slow but steady since then; thank goodness.   
First it was Hubs, then me and it seems that everyone I know from Florida to Alaska and parts in between either has or is close to someone who has been affected.
There is a crazy Flu, Respiratory junk, Pneumonia and Meningitis running rampant all over the country.   
The weather is is also weird...up and down the scale from below freezing one night followed the next day by temperatures in the 80's here in Florida and there is no snow with summerlike temperatures in the 50's in Alaska.
My Azaleas are blooming and the roses have put out new leaves in the middle of January...fully two months early. 
Strange.  Strange.  Strange.

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