Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 32 - Make a Table - Idea Starter

If I could take pictures of the things in my mind, I'd show you how this simple table construction technique can be adapted to several styles of decor.  Mine is a thoroughly rustic coffee table, long and slender, with no square corners.  It doesn't even have parallel sides.  It is made of old deck boards that are joined with metal plates screwed to the back (bottom).  
These particular legs are 1 1/2" standard, threaded, 'black' pipe painted with RustOleum 'Rust' Metallic Paint.  They are attached using plumbing flanges which take the threaded end of the pipe.
Pipe for legs comes in a variety of diameters, some much larger than the ones I chose.  Flanges are available to fit each size pipe.  Coffee tables, side tables, or even book shelves can be made using this simple and relatively inexpensive technique.
For a Shabby Chic look, an old door could be used for the top...even an old cabinet door for a smaller table.  The legs could be painted white, then scratched and sanded.

For a Country Cottage or Farmhouse look, new boards can be used for the top, painted and sanded or antiqued.  The legs could be painted Flat Black or a Rubbed Bronze.

For an industrial look, any smooth surface top would do with heavier legs and the whole table painted with something like a Hammered Silver. 

It's just such an easy to make 'something from almost nothing' that I wanted to share the idea.

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