Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 30 - New Year: New Food Plan

Breakfast is a good thing, or so I've been told.  Don't know why I rebel against it so.  At any rate, this perfect one-egg, super slick and very cute little omelet pan from World Market makes it more appealing.  
And, being inherently lazy, I have sauteed enough vegetables in advance to last for several days.  Now, breakfast happens almost as quickly as beating the egg. 
By adding a grapefruit, whether cut to eat or squeezed into juice, I can feel healthy for hours.
One thing that has worked well for me over the years is keeping nuts and berries to satisfy the munchies.  I refilled the coffee table candy bowl with almonds and get to snack on pecans and walnuts whenever I am adding them to Hubs muffins.
Sometimes, just making a task easier, makes the difference in whether I will keep up with it or let it slide.  Now a vegetable omelet is almost as easy as a Pop Tart and my new snack is as easy as grabbing a cookie.  Yea me!  No big resolutions just tweaking my life a little.

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