Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taking a Little Time

Just a quick update on the studio progress.  192 sq ft of "I'm lovin' it" tucked away in my little corner of the yard.  Only 12' x16' but sometimes looking larger than it is...sometimes feeling like a project that will never end.  Maybe that's what I like so much about it.

Spring, in all its glory, seems to be on its own time line this year with things blooming early or late or just out of order.  The Dogwood and Azaleas hardly lasted a week and the Jasmine is not only early, it seems to want to stick around a while.  Wish you could smell it.
 My little "friends" are busy, as usual, looking for last years acorns in all my potted plants and newly spread mulch.
The Cardinals are nesting in the roses outside my bedroom window again this year.  The hatchlings are tiny, well camouflaged and not willing to pose long enough for me to focus through the window screen but their hungry squeaks sure make their presence known.
The cabbages in the big pot are growing faster and larger than the ones planted in the garden.  Go figure.
And the tomatoes, scattered in pots among the flower beds, are doing their thing.
As for me and mine, life is spinning in all directions at once.
There is no such thing as enough time once you pass 60.