Friday, January 27, 2012

January Spring ????

Tank top or long johns? It's hard to figure these days. Sunny and bright. Pouring down rain. Oops, cold front moving in! That's a typical winter here in the northernmost part of the Florida panhandle but it usually isn't quite this confusing in January. Fighting a cold that won't go away and the ravages of the aging process, I was pretty well down in the dumps this morning when I noticed something unusual in the the shrubs across the lawn. Ha! One of my Azaleas is blooming. And that's not all. I noticed that the dogwood buds have set, the Spirea is in new leaf... and little flowers are popping out all over. My Meyer Lemon tree is going absolutely crazy with blooms. And, oh, did I mention that it will be in the 20's at night, day after tomorrow. Go figure. Where's the box of tissue?