Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's TOMATO Time Again - Gardening & Canning

These poor little tomato plants sat indoors on my desk for 5 weeks waiting for the weather to make up its mind so I guess it's no wonder that they took off the instant I set them free.  Here's a LINK to the best general growing information that I've found - including what NOT to do.
Here are some links for additional growing tips like using ASPIRIN or planting tomatoes with EGGSHELLS.
I generally start with a fairly well blended soil and add EPSOM SALTS from time to time to help prevent blossom end rot.  So far, as long as the weather has cooperated, I've had very good luck.
I'm hoping for a bumper crop this year so I can get some additional canning done.  I've been far too stingy with my home canned tomatoes from the past couple of seasons.  This year, I intend to re-process the tomatoes from those jars, turning the previously canned tomatoes into tomato sauce or ketchup or something else...haven't quite decided on that yet.  
 In the meantime, here is a LINK to easy, step-by-step tomato canning instructions.