Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 28 - Old Woman, Old Wood

I stayed up too late last night and woke up too early this morning.  Made the mistake of falling asleep with the radio on.  Imagine how much fun it was to be awakened at 5:something this morning to a high-decibel, blood-curdling scream not far from my ear.  I might have jumped higher except that the scream was followed by two men loudly laughing their heads off.  I have no clue...and, no, I didn't throw the radio but I have reacquainted myself with the "Sleep" button.   
So it is a strange day today; too cold to be outdoors, says the woman from Alaska.  I thought to start an indoor project but even extra coffee could not deter me from a nap.  Up again, I figured out what I would do and got some old boards brushed clean.  Tomorrow we'll see what they've turned into overnight.

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