Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 37 - Still Thinking Spring in January - - - Cold Frames

Today's warm and balmy weather only serves to intensify yesterdays dreams of Spring.  Knowing how fickle the weather is and remembering the loss of so many seedlings to late-season freezes over the years, I've begun to consider the possibility of building a "Cold Frame".   After a little research, I'm leaning toward this design found at "Instructables".  It makes use of old, discarded windows and I happen to have some.
Then there was this super-sized one posted by the TV show "This Old House".  It could even be made using old French doors.
But I think my favorite site is this one by "Dummies".  The instructions are perfectly detailed and quite elementary.  (Besides, I like the little bunnies.)
But, if you are not so handy with a hammer or just don't have the urge to build, like I do, there are several sites that offer lots of easy-to-assemble kits like this Mini Green House.
If you have even grander visions for getting a jump on the weather, I found an online catalog offering all kinds of kits for cold frames and greenhouses and you can shop by brand or size or type or usage.
I might be stuck indoors and not feeling one bit better but I can still enjoy the open windows, the warm breeze and busying myself with lists of things I want to do once Spring shows up for real.

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