Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 33 - Organizing for 2013

Since organization saves time and 'time is money' and especially since I've spent two days looking for something that I carefully put away and now cannot find, I thought getting better organized might be an appropriate place to start a new year.  I found these images inspiring and hope they will trigger ideas of your own.
The following are links to some ideas I thought were clever or camouflaging a storage box with book spines for your library shelf.
An organized way to store bed linens, especially those for children or guest rooms.
I would never have thought to create shoe storage using PVC pipe and a little Gorilla Glue but, wow, it works.
And, thinking about using tubes for storage, how about this idea of using toilet tissue tubes for cable storage.
This is one of my favorites.  First of all, what a great idea it is to know the height of things to be stored when building shelves for them.  Just the photo alone is informative but the blog post actually walks you through the build-out of a pantry.  The LINK is worth a peek.
None of the above photos or ideas are mine but I do plan to put a couple of them to good use.  If you have organization tips of your own, please share them in a "COMMENT" below.  Thanks.

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