Monday, June 14, 2010

The Trick to a Lazy/Busy Day

One of my favorite things is accomplishing a lot without doing much and yesterday was one of those days. As the temperatures outside climbed into triple digits, I enjoyed a day of air conditioning and took advantage of it get the freezer filled with quick meal starters and main dishes.
Over the years I've developed a method of bulk-cooking that not only cuts food and utility costs, it saves tons of time, both on the day it's done and for weeks to come. The bottom line is that it's my way of using all the methods of cooking, found in my kitchen, at one time....a "get-in and get-out", mass production sort of thing where the kitchen does the work and I basically supervise...saving money and time.
Click on menu items below to be linked to recipes.
After one hour in the kitchen, yesterday morning, I spent the day relaxing with a book, playing on the computer and watching a movie marathon, returning to the kitchen only occasionally during commercials. In a half hour, in the late afternoon, I packaged and filled the freezer with 40 single servings of
Classic 1040's Southern Meatloaf (30) and Old-Fashioned Bottom Round Steak Stew (10), plus 5 - one pound packages of good old Home Baked Ham and 18 yummy Muffins. Total cost - $29. Total Time - less than 2 hours.
As soon as the evening temperatures drop enough to cool the house at night, the air conditioner will be turned off again and I won't have to worry about cooking in a hot kitchen. Mealtime preparation will be a simple matter of using the microwave to defrost and heat - quick - quick - quick. Cool - cool - cool. A lazy day with a lot accomplished.


Deb Baker said...

Thanks for the recipies! I have been trying to find good healthy meals for my busy schedule. I cannot wait to try them! This would be perfect for early morning before the heat gets underway. Where do you find these recipies? How long do you heat the meatloaf in the microwave?

cia said...

So far, the recipes I've posted are just mine...things I've been making so long that I actually have to make them specifically for the blog so that I can measure ingredients. Microwave heating time would depend on the thickness of your slices and the power of your microwave. I would start at 45 sec. and check it and add time if necessary. Enjoy!