Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh no! The A/C is ON - June 12

Well, I gave in. This morning the air conditioner finally got turned on. Today, Saturday, through Monday evening our temperatures will again be in the high 90's with lows only dipping to the low 80's and high 70's. Add high humidity into the mix and we are well into the 100+ range for most of the daylight hours.
The good news is that Monday evening, our overnight lows should drop back into the 60's and I intend to get our windows open again as quickly as possible. Wish me luck. It's a lot easier to put up with the heat when you are used to it than it is to re-acclimate after you're accustomed to being cool. Yuk!

In the meantime, I bought a ham, several bottom round steaks, a large package of ground beef and a bag of potatoes. What does that have to do with our mini-heat wave, you ask?!?! Quick, while the house is cool, I'm going to do some serious cooking. I should be able to get 30 to 40 servings out of a couple large meatloaves, fresh baked and sliced ham for several meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and a great deal of beef stew from the not-so-tender steaks. Everything will go in the freezer along with scalloped and au gratin potatoes in single serving portions. Then when it's hot or I'm in a hurry for a meal or just too tired to stand over the stove, dinner will require only a matter of minutes in the microwave. The money and time saved almost makes up for having the air conditioner running.

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