Friday, June 4, 2010

Filtering Sunlight for Free

The Wisteria on my little pergola began life 6 years ago as a single twig cutting from a neighbor, planted at just one corner. Each spring, it has been a source of wonder, watching it grow and spread and bloom wildly, the bare vines becoming heavy laden with the profuse flower clusters. This spring was the best year ever and I can't believe that I didn't get a single photo of the massive lavender display but that's how things go. The picture above is from 2 years you can only imagine.
As the petals fell, my little garden space underneath took on a magical air as if blanketed in purple snow. It was wonderful. As the blossoms fell and the leaves began to appear, the pergola was capped in deep, lush green in no time at all. Unfortunately, it was so deep and so lush that it completely blocked the sunlight from reaching the garden below.
I worried over the problem for a few days before deciding the Wisteria had to go. Just days after cutting the trunk at ground level, the the leaves wilted, dried and blew away leaving behind the bare vines, which perfectly filter the sunlight for the little garden.
As I was taking this photograph of the severed vine, I noticed new growth sprouting from the roots. How wonderful! I'm not a murderer after all and can spend another 6 years watching the wonderful Wisteria grow and spread and bloom wildly once again.


Cindy said...

Oh how I LOVE whisteria!!! Wish mine hadn't died. Wonder why it doesn't grow good in Jax like it does in the panhandle???

Cia said...

Perhaps if you keep it in a pot for a year where you can regulate the water, the roots would have a chance to get well established before being stressed. Also, I know that most shrubs and trees will die immediately if their roots go completely dry within the first year of planting.