Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chocolate, Banana, Nut Muffins - 10 cents each

Every once in a while things just fall into place. I stumbled on a 99 cent sale of items that were almost to their expiration date and grabbed a few. As I was unloading my groceries, out came the box of banana nut muffin mix, with fiber, followed by the box of chocolate cupcake mix. Hummmm?!?!? I started thinking about combining them. Checking the instructions for oven temperatures and baking times, I found that they were not terribly different. I decided to take the average of the baking time and the average of the oven temperature and give it a try. I followed the required amounts of oil, water and eggs for both mixes, combining everything in one bowl.
To the mixture, I added a handful of my dehydrated banana slices and one of chopped pecans from the freezer. The result was 24 super-sized muffins that are among the best I've ever eaten. The taste and texture are perfect...and, they have added fiber. But the best part is that my cost was only $2, plus 4 eggs, or right at 10 cents each. Most of them have been individually wrapped and are waiting in the freezer to be served with morning coffee next weekend when I have guests.

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