Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 3 - WAIT!

Some other day I might have waited for a drip to drop. Not today.
Never, never, never anger the "Wait" gods with disparaging remarks like I made yesterday...most especially if you have an upcoming doctor's appointment.  After an hour+ drive and an hour+ appointment for Hubs, we gave new meaning to the lunch description "quick bite" and hurried to my appointment.  After a leisurely one hour respite in my favorite "the waiting room", the gal beside me remarked that her appointment time passed two hours ago.  Groan!  Not much hope there, and we discussed the matter for another hour until, at least she was called past the hallowed doors.

Another hour ticked s-l-o-w-l-y by and I, too, was privileged to pass into the inner sanctum.  Oh yes, you got it, sequestered in my own, private closet for another 15 minutes, I was finally blessed with a quick knock at the door followed by the smiling face of..........oh no.......not my doctor.  It was the friendly PA.  

Actually, I like him and didn't really need to take up the doctors time today anyway.  In five minutes, we exchanged pleasantries, fulfilled my x-ray copy request and secured the referral which was the purpose of the visit in the first place.  

In simpler times, this could all have been handled over the phone.  "Don", I would have said, "How about sending a copy of my x-rays to whats-his-name and set up an appointment for me."  

"Sure", he would have answered and asked about the family.

But that was in some distant yesterday.  Today, I found myself clutching my prized x-rays under my jacket and dodging rain puddles as I hurried to the car for the hour and something ride home.  

An entire day, oh yes, it was all of "day 3" basically spent WAITING.  Now I understand that complaints in this department rank right up there with 'prayers for patience' as some of the most inadvisable and dangerous undertakings of mortal man.  
So start your THINGS NOT TO DO LIST right now:
#1  Never pray for patience
#2  Never complain about waiting
and maybe number three should be - #3 Never say 'never'.

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