Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 11 - Will "Normal" End Tomorrow?

According to the Mayan calendar, countless television shows and tens of thousands of web postings, tomorrow, December 20th, will be our last day of normalcy.  On December 21st the world might end or aliens might land or mankind might suddenly awake with new insights or mystical abilities.
Mayan calendar (see link below)
I remember, as a young girl, asking my father if he thought the world would end in my lifetime.  He said, "If you get hit by a truck today, well, today will be the day your world ends."  It wasn't the deep metaphysical answer I had hoped for but I knew it was the end of the conversation and it has stuck with me for something approaching 60 years.

As we marched into and through 2012, I began to watch a couple of the television specials and quickly set the matter to rest in my own mind.  To me, it was simply a matter of geometry.  The Mayan calendar is made up of wheels - circles, and a circle is a line with no beginning and no end.  Yes, it has numbers, or dates, but we number our days; and evening always turns again to morning.  And we date our seasons and winter always turns to spring.

So, unless something happens to me, personally, day after tomorrow, I expect to see December 22nd just as readily as the 19th.  I am paying my bills as usual, buying for Christmas as my budget will allow and fighting this miserable cold as though it is not a lost cause.

I will be posting here tomorrow and the day after and the day after that, as long as the good Lord allows and on the time schedule that he has in mind, not for the rest of the world, but for just for me.

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