Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 13 - Not So Good

Well, I've mumbled, for a week or more, about these darn colds that Hubs and I have been enjoying.  Today he became too weak for comfort.  Now, you need to understand that getting him (or most any man) to go to the doctor is a feat in and of itself...but 'to the hospital?'...not happening.
No, I didn't think to take my camera.  This is from their website
Having said that, you can imagine my concern when he immediately said "O.K." to my suggestion that we head to the ER.  Good thing we did.  He has Pneumonia.  Fortunately he did not have to be admitted and with prescriptions in hand we were able to head for home six hours later.  

That may sound like a long time in any ER but it was not spent waiting.  The local doctors all take turns at our hospital and we were further blessed to find that our family doctor was on call.  We know each other by sight and by name and he knows our histories without reams of files.  So, Hubs got X-rays, EKG, blood work, even a stroll around the facility to monitor his vital signs during activity.  And, all of this with the ER slam full.

I must say that if one must deal with a hospital at all, our Doctor's Memorial is incredible - new, clean, capable and peopled with friendly, southern, small-town folk.  Like family, you are known by your name, not a number on a chart.  There is a sense of security and comfort in that.

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