Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 10 - Last Minute Gifts You Can Make

Good for me; posting on day 10 even though I'm really, really sick.  Hubs and I have both slept through most of the day.  Finally made us a small bite to eat and will be headed to bed shortly with hopes of a better tomorrow.  But I thought I'd look over older posts and pull up a couple of ideas for inexpensive, easy to put together gifts just in case you were running short of ideas.
This candle holder is easy and costs about as much as a stroll through the woods.  Gather twigs.  Cut them to your determined length and glue them in place using either hot glue or E-6000, for a stronger hold.  The more random the better.  My base was a square votive holder which I would have thrown away years ago...that is, if I ever threw anything away.

I have brought forward two additional ideas: making different fringe scarf styles out of T-shirts and ideas for making gift tags out of felt.  Scroll down because the posts immediately follow.

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