Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reducing Household Expenses

Tallying the amount of money required to keep our household afloat each month can result in a rude awakening. When we look at the very basic expenses, after all the frills are stripped away, and realize that the need is greater than our income, we can be overwhelmed by a sense of doom, depression or even panic. We can feel helpless and hopeless because we have no experience of or instinct for survival.

WELL, CHEER UP!!! I've been down the survival path.

There really are ways to spend significantly less – even on essentials. This blog is dedicated to all of us who are making the most of what we have and still enjoying life to its fullest measure. Solutions to financial challenges presented on this blog can range from modest to extreme so be warned that you might not even consider some of them. But, not to worry, along with suggestions

of cold showers and dimly lit rooms come warm recipes and inviting decor. In truth, this blog is a hodge podge of ideas from someone who has lived an adventure from seaside to mountain top, from poverty to plenty and has had a blast through every minute of it. So I hope you find things here that will help you or inspire you or at least fill a few moments of your day.


MD said...

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household expenses said...

According to me saving money is very important factor, so we have to see all small things from which we can save single penny. This recession applies to household expenses. Check out some ways for saving like always look for sale, don’t use bottled water, always buy from same shop. Evey person should inculcate the habit of savings for brighter and secured future.