Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spring - When Children Bloom

As I’ve already said, I give 4 of my grandchildren art lessons once a week. I started with the oldest, a year or so ago, and decided to add her two little brothers this year. As winter began to fade, I felt bad about leaving the little one out and invited her to join us. I was thoroughly prepared for fidgeting and boredom and paint in places that paint should not be. However, I was not prepared for her light, gentle handling of the brush or her innate understanding of washes or her ability to transcend the literal.

A few weeks ago, taking out lessons to the deck, I asked for definitions of spring. Having been given ample answers covering new growth and warmth, I asked what spring smelled like, felt like and what impressions of those senses would look like. Asking the children to paint, not “things” but feelings and impressions, 3 hesitated but the little one went right to work. I would like to share some of those impressions with you.

This is her
rendering of
“Night Sky
with Moon”.

Link to the children's Mercy & Truth Necklace project.


sarah said...

I love watercolors with the kids, and I really like how you let them decide how to describe spring through their art. Sometimes we need to remember to let the kids express themself with just a prompt and not a list of instructions.

michelle said...

i love the watercolors. children's artwork is so much more than just that- especially when framed and matted- it can prove to be "masterpieces" in the home, or office...great gift ideas for mother's day or father's day too!

Moe said...

Love it, Cia, and love the way you get them to "feel" the colors of spring.

Anonymous said...

I am always looking for ways to help my children have fun and express themselves in non-messy ways and I really like your letting them express themselves with water colors.