Sunday, July 5, 2009


1—Make Coat Sleeve Snuggies – Using only the ribbed top part of a pair of socks, sew the cut edge of each sock to the inside of each coat sleeve, far enough inside the sleeve for the finished edge to just peek out from the coat sleeve.

2—Make Coat Sleeve Extenders – When a child’s coat is perfectly good and fits properly except for the length of the arms, make the arms longer by sewing only the ribbed top part of socks to the ends of the sleeves. These can be cuffed and if well matched, will not even look like a retro-fit.

3—Leg Warmers are Back in Style. Use only the ribbed tops of mated socks, sewing the ‘tubes’ together to the desired length. Sew cut end to uncut end for all of the additions except the last one. For the last one, sew two cut ends together. That way there will be a factory-edge at both ends.

4—Silly Leg Warmers. Using the same method as above, mix different colored sock tops together for fun, stripped leg warmers. It isn’t necessary for the two legs to match.

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Anonymous said...

I like the coat sleeve idea. Kids grow so fast.