Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camping Tips (#1): Basic Equipment

+ Tent to fit your family for sleeping and waiting out rains if necessary.

+ Chairs – Anything that folds will do. They don’t have to match but comfort & durability are considerations. Take chairs for the children…Depending on the number, sometimes a stack of small molded chairs will take up less space than a bunch of folding ones.

+ Table – Park camping always includes a picnic table at each site HOWEVER, having a card table along that can be set up beside the fire pit or grill will keep all of your cooking needs on hand without overrunning your eating and game playing space at the picnic table.

+ Coleman Lantern – with extra mantles and an ‘electric match’ (butane lighter)

+ Cooking supplies – see #5

+ Cooler(s) – see #5

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