Sunday, July 5, 2009

Budget Camping – Super Summer Fun

Thoughts of reducing summer vacation expenses naturally turn to thoughts of camping. Play your cards right, plan accordingly and the kids will be hooked for a lifetime. Don’t and you may never get them to go anywhere but a theme park again.

Because new equipment can be expensive for first time campers and camping itself can range from absolutely free to quite expensive, I've put together some tips, ideas & suggestions.
They are all related to the following 7 very important rules:

(Rules 1 thru 6 are links which will take you to much more information on each subject.)

Rule #1 Don’t go crazy. Any lawn chairs you already have that will fold for transport are just fine. Buy as much gear at Yard Sales and Thrift Stores as possible.

Rule #2 Adults NEED to sleep comfortably. Kids, when tired, will sleep any place.

Rule #3 Plan for too much sun & too much rain.

Rule #4 Plan for emergencies: tiny to traumatic, from bugs to broken bones

Rule #5 Eat well

Rule #6 Get creative

Rule #7 Maintain daily schedules: mealtime, naptime, etc.


Anonymous said...

Ideas & suggestions related to the 7 Rules are easy to locate since they are listed as corresponding "tips" in the blog archive on the left.

Roy said...

Thanks Cia, we love to camp, and your ideas can only add to the fun!!