Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camping Tips (#3): Weather

+ 3 Tarps for over tent, under tent, and for shade & rain protection over picnic table.

+ Plenty of bungee cords and small diameter rope for suspending overhead tarps.

+ Extra tent stakes for securing ropes that support & tie-down the overhead tarps.

+ Hatchet for driving tent stakes.

+ $1 plastic Ponchos are close to ‘disposable’ but take up almost no room and can save the day.

+ 1 or 2 large ‘golf’ umbrellas, in case they are needed to attend the restroom in a downpour

+ Sunscreen, lip balm, aloe

+ Rainy Day Games – You never know when the worst camping trip for the adults will be the very best camping trip for a child. Remember every word game from your childhood. Take cards and balls and bean bags. Take family favorite board games for rain or shine and a story book for bedtime.

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