Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camping Tips (#2): Sleeping

+ Sleeping Bags – inexpensive and washable for children, good for adults. IDEA Using old sheets, make covers for the children’s bags just like pillow cases except that one side should only be seamed half way up. In hot weather, the sleeping bags can be zipped closed and slipped inside the cases so that the children sleep in top of the bag and under a single layer of sheeting. In colder weather, the case will fit inside the sleeping bag to provide both a bottom & top sheet. The cases can also be used as stuff-bags to hold the sleeping bags.

+ Sleeping Mats – whether using an air mattress (get an air pump that plugs into the car lighter) or foam pad, remember that adults are cranky when we wake up aching. Seriously consider your own comfort. Take your pillows & sheets if you like. 2 Adult sleeping bags can be zipped together for less confined and more familiar sleeping.

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