Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Guest Favors

The wrappers are 3" x 11" which allows two to be cut from one sheet of card stock. Begin by applying your pattern to the card stock. Cut 3" wide strips. Measure 1" from one end of the strip and fold it over to make the closing flap. Without creasing the remainder of the strip, pull the other end up and tuck it under the flap. Punch 2 holes (for ribbon). Holding the two ends in
position, open the flap and trim each edge to

shape the wrapper. Form the bottom by creasing approximately 3/4" on either side of center.

Using the bridal sachet bags both solved and created a problem. I didn't have to hand make them but they needed to be attached to the wrappers. I attached them by threading the ends of the drawstrings through the holes on the front side (only) of the wrapper. Then, the flap was folded over, all 3 sets of holes aligned and additional ribbons were threaded through and tied in a bow.

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