Sunday, May 31, 2009

Budget Friendly Summer Activities for Kids

I will be posting explanations, instructions, plans and recipes for the following children's activities over the next few weeks. Some are new twists on old things. Some are just old things. In fact, some are so old I did them when I was a child. "Sling the Statue" and "Kick the Can" are two such outdoor activity and favorites on my block in the 1950's. I hope to be able to do this for each season.

Sidewalk chalk & hop scotch – Sand castles on tarp w/ hose – Ice sliding on tarp – Jump rope (tying off one end) – Landscape timber balance beam – Tether ball – Pool full of balls – Pool full of bubbles – Bean Tent sandbox: Plans – Streamer/Flyer: Instructions – Making kite tails – Kite flying – Bubble Recipe – Slime Recipe – Treasure Rocks: Recipe - Mud puddle & pies – Making Boats out of paint stirrers – Pinwheels - Shower curtains for stage play – Make a PiƱata – Painting Rocks for rock garden – Leaf Babies – Make a Secret Garden – Limbo – Squirt-painting an old, hanging sheet – Sack races – Wheelbarrow Races – Head to Toe: partnership rolling – Lock Arms: stand n’ sit – Royal Chair – Duck, Duck, Goose – Red Light, Green Light – Kick the Can – Flashlight Tag – Sling the Statue – Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button – Musical Chairs – Simon Says – Mother May I? – Library – Berry Picking – Local free park w/ ice cream ball


Anonymous said...

My children don't need for my wife and I to spend alot of money on them every weekend. They just want for us to spend our time with them. Sand castles are free. Kite flying is fun. Good old-fashioned games in the backyard are free and fun. Thank you Cia for such great ideas for free and fun family activitiies.

Innovative ideas for tots said...

These are some great ideas to look out for. Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas. You can even go for some innovative home based ideas like you can let child let play in bath and make iceberg for them, make paddling pools for them, make sand-pits... Children will love all these.