Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aging Bananas?

If bananas are ripening faster than you can find time to use them, here are a couple of options:
+ Put unpeeled bananas in the freezer to eat as "Banana Pops" or as suggested by a reader, use them for making banana bread (thanks Michelle).
+ Peel bananas, bag and freeze in quantities suitable for adding to fruit smoothies.
+ Peel and thinly slice bananas and place them in the dehydrator overnight for crisp banana chips...a great addition to trail-type mix or hot cereals.


michelle said...

great ideas! i like to take old bananas, peels and all & toss them in the freezer until i am ready to make banana nut bread. they thaw fine and make a delicious bread!

Todd said...

An easy read, full of great ideas and insight. Well written and concise, I plan to put some of theses tips to good use! Think I'll pick up a few extra copies for the family!!

Toby said...

Thanx Mrs. Dreves!! We could all use these money saving tips in these tough times!!

Troy said...

Some really great and simple ideas here! Really like the laundry soap tip! With a household of 5 and laundry detergent running 7,8 or 9 dollars a bottle, I plan to start on that one today! And we can all relate to the (dreaded) sock basket!!! We finally waved the white flag and just throw them all in baskets and let everyone "fish" for themselves, much better plan!! Thanks

Karen, Jacksonville said...

Props to this author for coming up with some great ideas. Useful info that we can put to good use. Think I'll make back the cost of the book in a day or two!!