Monday, May 5, 2014

Big Savings on Avocados

The Truth about Freezing Avocados
Since my desire for avocados so often coincides with their highest prices of the year, I decided (while the price is down) to test the rumor that they can be frozen.
I was only willing to risk 1/2 of the perfectly ripe avocado...seeded but unpeeled, wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen overnight.  So far, so good.
Once it thawed, I discovered the limitations.  The texture is that of a mashed avocado...perfect for guacamole, dressings, smoothies and sauces but not available for slicing.
It hadn't turned brown at all and a little lime juice maintained the color for making guacamole.
The flavor and consistency are spot on...every bit as good as fresh.
I'll stock up while they're cheap and enjoy the savings all year.

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