Friday, May 2, 2014

(6) The Little Garden and the Big Storms

This "last week of April" spate of storms that endlessly trudged north from the Gulf causing horrific tornadoes and floods, brought some of the most amazing weather effects I've ever witnessed...high winds and almost frightening gusts, lightning on top of lightning so much so that the darkness was continually lit with a flickering light, hail and rain from every direction at once and thunder so much on top of itself that it was like being under a train trestle.
My little corner of the Florida Panhandle was surprisingly spared extensive damage while other parts of my county and surrounding counties were hit very hard.  I dreaded the thought of the damage to my little hay bale garden...but nothing.  
The cabbages are heading and the outer leaves are enormous.
The squash is making all over the place.
The eggplant, which struggled with bugs for some reason, is now setting big blooms.
The tomatoes are healthy and covered with their yellow promises.
And, there are beans enough for dinner now and will surely be enough, in time, sufficient for canning.  Click on this LINK for detailed instructions on canning green beans.
On the deck, the Jalapenos are beginning to grow...
and the Meyer Lemon Tree is setting its first fruits.  
I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.  It had an over abundance of flowers, most of which were beat off by the torrential rains.  We'll see.