Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reduce Christmas Costs by Planning Early

I heard on the news that it looks like practical purchases will top shoppers lists this Christmas season. No reason not to take that one step further to make sure we get the biggest bang for the smallest buck.
$35 - Slouch Jacket
One way to do that is to think "vintage". There is quite a difference in vintage or antique items and "used"ones, particularly if the used ones weren't great when they were new. I've known for years that you can buy antique furniture for less than new and, more often than not, the older things will be made better, with better materials and better craftsmanship.
$55 Leather Bomber Jacket
But it just dawned on me that you can do the same things with personal items and buying "vintage" is very different from shopping at a thrift store.

$10 Vintage Doll Stroller
Since I opened my online store on
m, I've been getting acquainted with the site. It's fascinating. Oh, sure, you can spend big and really, really big but you can also pick up incredible bargains. I searched in the "Vintage" section for just a few minutes and found these items as an example. $12.50 '60's GE Mixer
I'm not suggesting that you run to the site and start buying. I'm just giving you an idea of the variety and cost. There are tons and tons of items on etsy and, I'm sure there are other sites out there as well.

$20 Size 5 Coat
So, the task, while we wait for Thanksgiving, is to start thinking about Christmas and about the needs of our families. Make a list and start checking things out online and don't forget to look for "vintage" items.$5.50 - 2 Hardy Boys Books

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