Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Miss Autumn in Alaska

OK, so I complained about the heat and finally got some cool weather. Even bought some mums and made an effort to bring a little Autumn color to my front porch. But then...a little foot surgery has kept me sitting for a week or more when I would like so much to do something Fall-ish... like, maybe rake leaves...all 50 of them. Ha!
Actually, I can't do much of anything right now except wax nostalgic so I took the plunge and started going through old photographs. Came across this picture of my "old" back yard in Alaska and wanted to share it. I can smell the wood smoke and feel the chill in the air just looking at it. What a great time we had in that old log house. I'm thinking about including our projects there as a part of this blog. We did so much for so little. For example, in the photo, the deck around our fire pit was free, as a neighbor offered it when they changed from a boardwalk to a gravel path at their cabin. My little potting shed cost less than $150 following my plans for using every square inch of a few sheets of plywood. Once it was built, we faced it with beautifully aged, discarded fencing.
As much as I like going forward, I also get a kick out of looking back and think I WILL share some of my Alaska projects right here. Stay tuned.

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