Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love that I invested a whole $5 in a pack of card stock a couple of years ago. I haven't bought a greeting card or an invitation since.
Even if there's not an imaginative or creative bone in your body, you can make your own. There are just a few things to remember.
  • First of all, the computer is a huge reference library...sort of "idea central".
  • Second, perfection is not required. Stick figures and doodles and 1st grade quality printing are found on tons of commercial cards.
  • Third, make sure your creations will fit into envelopes you have on hand.
  • And forth, use what you have.
In this case, red Christmas ribbon applied with a glue stick gave me instant stripes. Crooked marker lettering and a doodle star resulted in a crisp, clean look. The ever so easy angel could be a piece of your child's art photographed, scanned & printed from your computer. It gets its finished look because of the background which doesn't even involve drawing a straight line. The blue "you Are Invited" patch is just a "Word" shape and lettering with a background color, cut out and glued over a card with a single red ribbon stripe. Uncle Sam and thousands of other images can be found online.

You will spend less time making your own than you would mulling over the hundreds of cards at the store and it can save you serious money over the course of a year.

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