Sunday, March 29, 2015

No-Bake "Resurrection Cake" for Easter

 Sometimes an idea starts rolling around in my head and will not be Easter = empty tomb = resurrection.  So, here I am, with these supplies and high hopes.  But I can tell you right now that the Marshmallow filled, Oatmeal "Pie" is likely too soft to do the job I have for it.  We'll see.  So, here goes...
I supposed that a mixture of chocolate and vanilla icings would result in either a beige or a gray, either of which could reasonably pass for the color of rock.
I cut the cake to stand it on end, then cut a slice or the remainder to fill in the back...
and cut the little end piece in half to help round out the shape.
 Added a little icing between the pieces to act as glue (I used the Chocolate because it looked like I was going to need much more of the Vanilla for color).
Then, on to icing the whole thing taking no care at all with mixing the colors...just letting it blend as it wanted to.
I did, however, use more Chocolate around the base and blended it on to the plate.
Now for the most dreaded experimental part: Crushing Vanilla Wafers into "Sand" and "Pebbles".  Oh, what ever did we do before zip type bags?!  Crushing was actually easy although patting the crushed cookies onto the icing was a bit messy.
The secret to using the cookie/pie (as the large stone that sealed the tomb) was to open it and "fill" it with the lid from one of the icing containers.  Stiff plastic...just cut off the rim and it worked fine.
A battery operated tea light provides the glow from inside.
And there you have it...a No-bake Easter Resurrection Cake.

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Mi Bryant said...

very cool. LOVE it!!