Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Egg Ideas

Photos will be posted in time for Easter 2011.
Eggheads with Green Hair
Cut an inch or so from a paper towel or toilet tissue tube to use as a stand for your egghead. Attach a paper collar to the tube or use a piece of ruffled lace for a collar. Fill an empty half egg shell with dirt and plant it with barley grass or alfalfa seeds, water enough to dampen soil completely and carefully dry the shell. Draw a face on the shell with a Sharpie and place it on the tube collar in a sunny window sill. Add a drop or two of water each day and wait for the "hair" to grow.
Simply Silly Hard Boiled Eggs
Not every egg needs to be colored to please a child...or an adult. Even if you're not an artist, grab a Sharpie and get creative drawing faces on plain, white, boiled eggs. Check the funny papers for facial expressions and let your imagination work overtime. Snuggle 2 Sweetheart face eggs together. Tuck one with an exaggerated expression of surprise into a child's lunch box. Nest a few together with cracks drawn on some and two wide eyes peering from a darkened crack in one.

Try an Easter Egg Tree
Make a beautiful, delicate centerpiece or decoration for a side table. Select a branch with many little twigs while on a nature walk. Spray it white and prop it in a vase or set it in plaster of paris in a small flower pot. Tie pastel ribbons into bows randomly along the branches and hang blown and colored eggs with pieces of ribbon.

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