Tuesday, April 21, 2015

(5)Hay Bale Garden - We Have BABIES!

The garden is growing so well and so quickly; I don't know why I was surprised this morning to find little beans popping out all over.
LOOK! baby beans...
and, teeny, tiny squash.
The first red bell pepper is so small I couldn't get the camera to focus on it.
(That's my fingernail in the foreground)
Cabbages with leaves as big as dinner plates are beginning to "head" in their centers.
The tomatoes are blooming all over the place but no tiny orbs, yet.
(For Hay Bale Garden "How-to" in Photos, click HERE)
The little weeping willow I just planted has loved every drop of rain this season but the 8+inches that fell here last week brought our pond alarmingly close, surrounding oaks and maples and sassafras and my big gardenia.  Fortunately, the water is beginning to retreat, both here and in surrounding ponds and streams and rivers - Whew!

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