Friday, May 27, 2011

8 Recycling Uses for Plastic Bottles

Before discarding that next plastic bottle, take a look at it with new eyes to see if it has an additional use.WATER & SODA BOTTLES
1- Try cutting the bottoms out of 1 and 2 liter bottles, removing the caps and planting them upside down in your flower beds. Filling them with water when your plants need a drink will direct moisture deep into the ground, to the plant roots, where it's needed.
2- Surely most have gotten an email about adding a bottle top to a zipper type bag. It seemed like busy work to me since the bags already open and close. But I tried it on a large bag of rice and it's really quite handy because the bag can be reduced in size as the contents are used. Simply cut the neck of the bottle off, as shown above, and thread the open top of the plastic bag through.
To keep the bag from slipping out of the bottle neck, I've folded it back and secured it with a rubber band. Replace the cap and there you go!
MILK BOTTLESMilk Bottles have many uses.
3- One of my favorites is as a freezer container for casseroles. When the bottle is cut just below the handle (as shown), the resulting "bowl" holds the right amount for a square casserole dish. For a layered casserole, layer the contents in reverse order. When you're ready to use it, turn it upside down in the casserole dish to thaw.
4- The "milk bottle bowl" is also a good size for freezing an ice block of punch. Freeze additional punch instead of water and it will not only stay cold it will not dilute the punch.
5- The "milk bottle bowls" are also great inserts for the summer picnic cooler to keep items from ending up in the melted ice water.
For the Garden:
6- With the bottoms cut out, they make perfect, little greenhouses for starter plants in the early spring, protecting the tender leaves from the cold. Save the bottoms. They can be planted, (with the top edge just at the top level of the dirt) and filled with water for trapping insects and slugs.
In Addition:
7- Milk bottles and gallon bleach bottles, when filled with water, make great hand weights and they are absolutely FREE.

8- I was introduced to this bright idea while out to sea, on a boat with no head. You can take it from there. The size and shape of the cut bottle helps level the playing field between little girls and little boys when nature calls at inopportune times.
Click HERE to link to a ton of unusual uses for plastic bottles - from making mouse traps to building houses with them.

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