Monday, May 2, 2011

Garden Mixture of Food & Flowers

Now that I have land enough for a 'proper' garden, age and ability limit my space. Filling pots on the deck with a mixture of flowers and foodstuffs accomplishes the multiple goals of being decorative, functional and thrifty. Here, Basil provides a backdrop for the graceful Blue Salvia, a growing habit shared by the abundant Rosemary. The Rosemary shares space with Parsley and Sweet Red Peppers, in their own pot, will be anchored by the red Dalia. With a later addition of something white, this corner of the deck will be ready for a red, white and blue Fourth of July.
The Cilantro planted from seed in the railing boxes, is ready for use and new seeds will fill spaces left from the season's continuing harvest.

Because I can no longer bend to meet my garden at ground level, I'm working on a couple of plans to literally bring the ground up to meet me. It's a simple matter with unlimited funds but my goal, as always, is to do it with as little cost as possible. I'll keep you informed.

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