Monday, September 20, 2010

Tailgate Grill Buddy

Sometimes I think my husband is the most clever person I know. It seems we've had a tailgate grill forever - you know, the "fold-up, carry-anywhere" type that is not only portable but is the perfect height when situated on a tailgate. Sure, we have a huge family and a huge grill but I'm surprised how often I use the small charcoal tailgate grill for just the two of us at home or toss it into the car for a picnic.
I recently wanted to give one to an apartment dweller whose only private outdoor space is an upstairs deck, enclosed on three sides. Sitting the grill directly on the deck is extremely unhandy, if you're over 12, and basically has you cooking on the floor. Equally unhandy would have been adding a table to the deck's limited square footage. My husband solved the problem in an hour with this adorable little gadget. I hope the photographs are self explanatory so that each of you with a tailgate grill or an apartment deck will hurry out to the garage and make your own.
The platform fits snugly over the rail. The edging keeps the grill legs securely in place. AND, when not in use, store the grill under a chair, toss a pillow on the platform and voila, a footrest. Can anything be cleverer than this?

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Cindy said...

I love it! It would also be good for potted plants, a deck lamp, a snack tray... the uses are endless. Where can I order a few of those??? Hee hee!