Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have You Ever Seen Dry Water?

Will Autumn Ever Get Here?

Some days I can run myself ragged without moving from my desk. This is one of those days. It seems I have more projects than I can even list. Since typing and painting and mental organizing are not exactly activities in my exercise program, I did think to shift positions a couple of times during the day.
Actually, I took some of my work with me and transferred to the front porch. What a dismal disappointment that was. The birdbath I filled yesterday was dry again. The plants I watered yesterday were wilted and shriveling again. The freshly mowed lawn was littered with unlovely brown leaves, dropping more from the heat than the time of year.

The temperature flirted with 100 degrees for a couple of hours, not that I stuck around to verify an actual crossing of the line. We haven't had a drop of rain for weeks and some of the lilttle puddle-ponds around here are bone dry, their muddy bottoms cracking in the unrelenting sun.

The level of our pond is dropping daily. Without a breath of moving air, it seemed to me that the water in this photo, although it is dutifully reflective, somehow appears to be dry. Dry water; that's what it looks like to me.

We are dry, dry, dry and hot, hot, hot and much in need of rain and I'm wondering if Autumn will ever get here.

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