Sunday, September 5, 2010


None of us want to trade our comfortable lifestyles for that of a half century ago but we are able…and knowing our abilities can be a source of comfort when finances threaten to get the best of us.

1. Reduce the number of lights per room

2. Switch to lower wattage for all light bulbs

3. Tape the bathroom light switch in the ‘off’ position

4. Put a night light in the bathroom

5. Put a night light in the kitchen

6. Put solar lights in sunny windows

7. Use solar for outdoor lighting

8. Use motion-detector lighting outdoors

9. Switch to the new ‘curly’ light bulbs

10. Unplug all chargers when not in use

11. Unplug TV when not in use

12. Unplug computer when not in use

13. Wash all laundry in cold water

14. Line-dry or rack-dry all heavy fabric items

15. Determine refrigerator needs before opening

16. Close refrigerator promptly

17. Turn off hot water valve under bathroom sink

18. Install timer on hot water heater

19. Turn off hot water heater at breaker for 18 hrs. daily

20. Watch less TV

21. Use rechargeable carpet sweeper for touch-ups

22. Vacuum thoroughly only once a week

23. Do all ironing at one time – once weekly

24. Change clothes less often

25. Have weekly family night with board games – not TV

26. Bake often in winter

27. In winter, leave oven door open after baking

28. Limit oven use in summer

29. Grill outdoors in good weather

30. Include veggies & heating bread on the grill

31. Roll newspapers into fire-starter logs

32. Add heavy drapes to windows for winter nights

33. Let the sun shine in windows on winter days

34. Cover sunny windows in summer

35. Add extra blankets/quilts to beds in winter

36. Wear warm slippers

37. Learn to love sweaters & sweats indoors in winter

38. Turn thermostat to 5⁰ or 10⁰ less comfortable

39. If you have a fireplace or wood stove – use it

40. Use flannel sheets in winter

41. Use fans in summer

42. Close off unused or seldom used rooms

43. Wash dishes by hand

44. Do not use ‘dry’ cycle on dishwasher

45. Place plastic jug of water in toilet tank to reduce water usage

46. Get a rain barrel for watering lawn & garden

47. Change children’s cell phones to ‘pre-paid’

48. Eat at home

49. Pack lunches

50. Get to 5th gear ASAP when driving a stick-shift

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