Friday, July 1, 2011

Independence Day Festivities

This year we are seriously getting back to basics, celebrating the birth of our nation with all things American - Baseball, Hot Dogs and Apple Pie. We are doing it simply, inexpensively and with a touch of nostalgia. It will be a day with family and friends coming together for fun, food and a fresh look at all that is wonderful about being an American.
Here are some ideas, some links and some of the things that we will be incorporating into our celebration. Pictures will be inserted into this posting as things materialize. Some will be posted after the fact so I hope you'll check back later.

(Click HERE for a quick link to the recipes - posting June 20)
  • Fly the flag proudly.
  • Print copies of an "Uncle Sam Wants You" poster or images of the flag, found HERE, to use for invitations or decor.
  • Set outdoor tables with red and white or blue and white checked table cloths tied at the corners with blue ribbon or use red ribbon from Christmas supplies.
  • Use your red candles left over from Christmas.
  • Craft Ideas - link HERE
  • Decorations - link HERE
  • 4th of July Craft Ideas from Disney link HERE
  • Don't feel crafty? Try clusters of red, white and blue balloons
  • Have limited funds? Decorate with red, white and blue crepe paper streamers
  • Fireworks - if allowed should be handled by adults with safety in mind - tips HERE
  • CD of patriotic music
  • Invite a member of our military to join your family affair
  • Hand out pocket sized copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Link HERE
  • Say the Pledge of Allegiance once guests have arrived - Link HERE
  • Read the Declaration of Independence. Link HERE
  • Read "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" - Link HERE
  • Print the words to the National Anthem("Star Spangled Banner") to sing before playing baseball - link HERE
  • Print the words to "God Bless America" for the children to sing before the meal - link HERE
  • While eating, ask each person to tell what freedom means to them
  • Paint T-shirts with patriotic colors. No need to be an artist...wide stripes and crooked stars are perfect or see how to paint eagles with children's hand prints - HERE
  • Play games:
Baseball - gather gear from those who play or get set up with Nerf ball substitute so adults and children can play together. Bases can be made of fabric bags (like smaller pillow cases) and filled with sand or mulch. Set up a blackboard as a scoreboard.
Horseshoes, Badminton and/or Croquet - if you have them
Lawn Darts - using homemade beanbags instead of darts - for safety. You can sew beanbags OR you can do what I'm doing...making use of those unmated socks. Fill about 1/3 full with beans and tie a knot in the area of the heel. It makes a beanbag perfect for an underhand toss, holding the top of the sock and swinging the weighted foot portion.
Three-legged Race - in teams of two (preferably about the same height). Team members stand side-by-side and have their "touching" legs tied together so that they run as a single unit from the starting line to the finish line.
Potato Sack Race - In lieu of burlap bags (which should be available from a feed & seed store), use old pillow cases or plastic garbage bags. Each racer stands inside their bag, holding it up with their hands and hops to the finish line.
Wheelbarrow Race - Again, teams of two. One member (the wheelbarrow) lies on his stomach on the ground while the other team member (the pusher) lifts their legs by the ankles (like the handles of a wheelbarrow). The team member on the ground then pushes himself up with his hands (as the wheel) and begins to walk with his arms toward the finish line.

Hot Dogs:
  1. Slaw Dogs
  2. Bacon/Kraut Dogs
  3. Chili Cheese Dogs
  4. Plain Ol' American Hot Dogs
Potato Chips
Southern Potato Salad
Easy Baked Beans
Iced Tea & Lemonade in big jars tucked into washtub of ice

Sugar Cookie Stars

Homemade pies in appropriate colors - Cherry, Apple, Blueberry
Homemade Ice Cream

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