Thursday, February 11, 2010

TIME or MONEY - Which is in shortest supply?

I asked the question on Facebook. The more than 50 responses were only one away from an even 50/50 split and 1/3 commented that it was a tough decision as both were in short supply.

Often, saving money requires an investment of time while time-saving short cuts tend to be more if time and money were in a battle and only one could win.

In addition to the conflict between time and money, there are degrees of distress over such matters. Some seek more time to relax and time for self while others rush from job to job, task to task with never an end in sight. some consider spending less on vacation while others live month to month, week to week and even meal to meal without "vacation" even in their vocabulary.

The internal debate is as varied as:
Boutique vs Big Box Store
Big Box Store vs Thrift Store
Cleaners vs Home Laundry
Clothes Dryer vs Line Drying
Eating Out vs Microwave Meals
Microwave Meals vs Homemade Soups

Whether well-to-do and cutting back or on welfare and barely getting by, there are ideas, suggestions, adjustments and approaches that can help. I've been advised that to be successful, I must find a narrow niche and fill it. I simply can't. My niche is a better quality of life no matter what your circumstance. To that end, your comments, contribution of ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

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1 comment:

Cindy said...

THIS is exactly why I come to this blog! For ideas... not JUST for time savings; not JUST for money savings; but for BOTH! Your WISDOM is SO worth sharing, and I thank you for it!!!