Monday, February 8, 2010

Don't Throw It Away

This is the collection of scrap junk that has remained in the bottom of Christmas Decoration bins for years. Believe me, this is a very flattering photo. Nothing about this stuff was lovely. Only moments before tossing it in the trash, I wondered if I could possibly find a way to use the unrelated, tattered bits and pieces.

This little bouquet box of buds has become a rose scented touch of casual Valentines decor for the bathroom vanity. It was nothing more than a block of packaging foam with stems inserted - covered with sheet moss left over from a wedding floral, a strip of brown paper bag and one of fabric tied with a strip of raffia and accented with a button. (BTW - I never purchase buttons, I wait for a "bag sale" at a thrift store and fill it with items that have buttons I like.)

This hanging sachet nosegay turned out to be really nice. I started with an old satin-wrapped Christmas ball intending to cover it entirely with rose buds. Unfortunately, I ran out half way through and had to rethink my original idea. The cone concept worked well and is just fabric glued to poster board finished with cording and ribbon tassels. I closed it in a plastic bag with strong scented cinnamon potpourri for a few days and the fragrance is still holding 2 months later. It was a good kitchen decoration at Christmas and now adds a touch of decor for Valentine's Day.

Of course the roses came with leaves and it seemed a challenge to find a use for them. With a little hot glue, an old lamp shade became the perfect topper for a garden theme lamp.

Finding a use for the old grape clusters was a bit of a challenge. Eventually, I decided to spray them with white paint and add them to the Christmas tree that was decorated in white and clear glass.

Nothing new or exciting about pinecones except that I found that a little sheet rock mud is the perfect material for adding that "touch of snow" which brightens them and enhances the detail.

The finials, alas, did not make it into my busy holiday schedule. They haunt me from a corner of my work station. I thought they had the look of elf faces with little pointy hats. Perhaps they'll turn into fairies for the spring garden. Time will tell.


michelle said...

amazing what a little creative ingenuity can do! WOW!! i am impressed!! those are ALL beautiful.. you should be selling the little floral stuff as well- especially to bridal shops!

Cindy said...

Now, this takes a kind of creativity that not everyone possesses! There's a fine line between "thrify creative" and just plain "pack-rat"... I, unfortunately, tend to be the latter! Ugh... However, these kind of posts always give me ideas and hope!

Donna C. said...

The lamp shade is outstanding, what an idea!