Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"Fill plastic soda bottles ALMOST full of water (it expands as it freezes) and fill in the space in your freezer with them. the more space taken up in your freezer, the more efficient it runs. Remove what you need to when stocking up with goods. Keep them for when the power goes out - it will keep everything colder longer. Also, you will save money and time when you need ice for a cooler."

"Coupons, coupons, coupons! And them wait until the store has the item on sale or BOGO to use the coupon. Usually you can get items like toiletries really cheap this way."

"You should visit this link. I personally know this lady. Her food bill is about 1/3 of what it would be if she did not coupon."
NOTE: I checked out this site. It's amazing! The woman is almost feeding her family for free and is well supplied should there be an emergency.

"I just had my first experience with a "dollar" type store where everything was actually only one dollar (unless it was 2 or more for one dollar). I made a last minute decision to stay overnight out-of -town and was not prepared. Bought toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and something else and got out of there for only $4. I couldn't believe it! "
NOTE: In the southeast, we have one such store "Dollar Tree". I personally buy my cleaning aids there. They have an all-purpose degreaser & spot remover called Awesome Orange - $1 a bottle and the best all-round cleaner I've ever used at any price.

"I have learned so much from my grandparents over the years about saving money. Pay Cash! Save your pennies! If you can live without it - do. They have never owned a credit card and have always told me that the "road to poverty is paved with plastic". I wish I'd paid attention to their example years ago."

"I haven't had to buy my Halloween pumpkins for 4 years. After purchasing a small $4 pumpkin 5 years ago, it sat on our stoop until below freezing weather started occurring. the pumpkin started to decompose so we threw it in the garden. It busted and flew apart. The following summer there were many pumpkin plants growing everywhere and many pumpkins ready to pick by mid October. Every year, we are still getting pumpkins from the same small patch."

for the following links to access free postage for all families of our deployed military:
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Cindy said...

Great stuff! It's awesome to be able to share ideas and gain perspective from people from all areas and walks of life and economic standings. This is great stuff!