Sunday, June 3, 2012

Save $$ & Have Fun Summer Shopping for Kids

 Save money on children's wardrobes while including them in the selection process.
All set for Summer!
 My daughter came up with a great idea for shopping with/for her children's seasonal clothing that is fun, provides great one-on-one time, satisfies their individuality and saves a ton of money.  She avoided dragging her children, one by one or in a group, through store after store.  She never had to say, "That's too expensive", or "They don't have it in your size", to a disappointed little one.  She simply stepped into the technology age and spent quality time with each of her children individually.

First, she made a list of the items to be bought: the number of pants, shirts, shorts, dresses, shoes, etc.  Then, with the list in hand, she sat down at the computer with her daughter and together, they did online "window" shopping.  Photographs and links of everything mother and daughter selected on the computer were captured and "pinned" to her "Daughter's Summer Wardrobe" bulletin Board on Pinterest* and then she printed it out.  With the printed page of photographs in her purse, she went shopping - at her leisure and alone!  For the more generic items like t-shirts and shoes, she went to discount thrift stores and shopped only sales at a the major department stores.  Shopping went quickly because she knew exactly what she was looking for and what price she wanted to beat.  Then she did price-comparison shopping online for the more specific, specialty items, looking for sales and discount codes.  When all was said and done, she had the entire wardrobe in hand FOR LESS THAN HALF THE COST of purchasing everything online as they came across each item.
Happy mommy.  Happy daughter.  Happy pocketbook.

*Pinterest in an online user site where you join for free and establish your own individualized bulletin Boards for your own reference and to share.  I'm computer stupid and it was easy, even for me.  
Anyway, when you are online and find something of interest to you, you have the ability to click a "Pin It" button (provided by Pinterest) to save the article, (via photo and link) to your appropriate bulletin Board so you can check it out in depth later or refer to it as often as you'd like. (great for saving recipes)  It's way too cool for me do do justice trying to describe it but I do heartily recommend it.  So click on the link above...see what my little granddaughter will be wearing this summer and introduce yourself to Pinterest.


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