Monday, May 28, 2012

Clearing Desk Clutter

Saving time and saving money go hand in hand and the primary key to saving time is organization.

Unfortunately, keeping organized is a constant battle for me. Of course I have a filing cabinet but I have so many things going on and active at one time, (a book, a blog, a business, a couple of art projects, a household) that I am generally buried under a mountain of paperwork and don't dare file away unfinished and 'in progress' things...yet.

This 50 cent yard sale dish drainer seems to have solved my clutter problem. All the papers and projects that littered my workspace are not only organized but are readily accessible. My desk is clutter free and I am now able to get to work on whatever project without having to search for it or clear work space.


michelle said...

great idea on reworking the old wire dish drainer.. i bet you could even run ribbon or raphia in and out of the wire side rungs and dangle shells or beads to make it a little more ornate..very cute idea!

Anonymous said...

I love that! It looks cool too and works like a charm! Very "charming" space! Boy could I use that kind of organization!

Anonymous said...

very creative use of an inexpensive find... everyone could use a little help being more organized.

Anonymous said...

My desk has been in a constant mess. I think these organizing tips will help keep it organized but keep it stylish.

Cindy said...

I LOVE IT! And the "pencil pot" that hooks perfectly on the corner is awesome! I need one for my desk! Looks like it holds way more than my little standing file holder thing!