Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easy Pina Colada Cake

These cakes contain a tunnel of Pina Colada goodness and are beautiful when sliced.
  • Using store bought Angel Food cakes, cut a slice from the cake tops, about 3/4" thick and set aside.
  • About 1/2" in from the outside and inside edges of the cakes, press the tines of a fork straight down, into the cakes creating the outer boundaries of what will become a channel.
  • Once the channel boundaries are established, use the fork to remove the cake between the two rows of fork perforations (Be careful not to dig out all the way to the bottom of the cake.)
  • Fill the channel with 1 package of prepared instant Coconut Pudding to which 2 cup of very well-drained Crushed Pineapple has been added.
  • Replace the tops on the filled cakes.
  • Frost with ready-to-use Cream Cheese Icing.
  • Pat Flaked Coconut onto frosted cakes.
  • If desired, coconut may be "toasted" using a torch as when making a flan.

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