Monday, November 21, 2011

Idea Starter - Twin's Cakes

I had an original idea for cakes for my twin grandson's third birthday. With little money and less time, it is not well executed but you get the idea...and the party was themed around cars.
A quick trip so the store for a single cake, a bag of cookies and some icing. As you can see, I cut the cake in half and trimmed for the windshields and hoods. Beyond that, you can take your time and do a much better job than I did. Imagine the cars being two different colors. Think if there had been a good job done of piping the windows. How cute these could be. Cookies for the tires. Gumdrops for the lights.
But, my grandsons loved them just the way they were and went immediately for icing covered "tires".
If you give the car cakes a try, please share your photos with me and I'll post them.

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