Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brick Path Destination

A TREE GOT IN THE WAY! With the little brick path detour neatly heading in the direction of my future studio and the studio yard somewhat defined, we set about establishing corners and laying blocks in anticipation of a building project in the not too distant long awaited, little, garden studio.

That's about the time we noticed the long split in the trunk of a seemingly thriving but lightning-struck tree that was leaning precariously over my would-be roof. I thought the tree would be fine since it held a full display of new spring leaves. Fortunately I was overruled.

My husband had hardly begun to cut when, in an instant, the tree snapped and hit the ground. How there was life left in that tree, I will never know because, as you can see, it was hollow to the accident waiting for a wind.
So, the tree was felled and firewood cut and in a week or so construction will begin. But the 12' x 16' studio is unlikely to be finished any time soon. I'm committed to building it with savings gleaned from bargains, spare change and a great deal of faith.

My hope is that it will look something like this but already I have lost access to the leaded window in the gable. Bummer. But I'm sure something equally appealing will turn up.
In the meantime, I have a date with this little guy and about 30 of his closest friends. I love watching them and they love digging in my garden and flower pots. I can tell you now that pepper flakes are no deterrent and will have an opinion on Cayenne Pepper by morning.

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