Friday, June 5, 2009

Sometimes Old-fashioned Makes Cents!

Not only is this a new blog, I’m a new blogger, almost totally dependent upon my daughter not just for blogging instruction but for encouragement. Although she’s an 11-12 hour drive away, her blog has kept her close for me. I see my grandchildren in their creative activities, read her frugal living tips, recipes, weekly menus and shopping guides.

Tonight, she suggested I spend time researching. I was about to give up after 20 or so duds, when I finally stumbled onto some blogs and sites that contain genuinely helpful information for anyone seriously trying to save money. I was pleasantly surprised and my faith was renewed. The first was a fun, funny and pleasant surprise. Could you possibly be interested In MAKING YOUR OWN LAUNDRY SOAP FOR ABOUT 40 CENTS A GALLON? I was…so I clicked on their U-Tube Video. No wonder so many people live their lives in cyberspace! This was wonderful. Water. Borax. Fels Naptha Soap and Washing Soda. Who knew???? Super simple. Super savings!

I was so inspired, I kept searching.

It wasn’t long before I came to a well researched and wide-ranging site with an article about growing your own recession Victory Garden. It gave a little WWII history, brought the concept quickly into the present, dealt with the home garden and even opportunities for apartment dwellers. A really good read. Then there was a point-on article with a list of cut-to-the-chase specifics detailing the Biggest Mistakes Poor People Make. If you think you have avoided such mistakes, read the article. You might be surprised and might get a tip or two that can make a difference in your personal situation.

Slowly I am improving in my ability to navigate this world of my children and grandchildren and you. Funny, isn’t it, that the reason I’m even here is to help readers look to the past for solutions to the financial difficulties of this futuristic age?

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Savvy Frugality said...

Hi Cia,

Thanks for mentioning my blog. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the writing and found the information useful. It only took me several years of making financial mistakes to figure out I was doing everything wrong, but better late than never!